Week 15: Classmate Conversation


This week I introduced myself to my classmate Aleks. He is a second year student at CSULB and a computer science major. He decided he didn’t want to commute to school every day so he got an apartment near campus with a friend. He took Art 110 as an elective class, like me. He went to Peninsula High School and played volleyball for them. He is now on the club team for CSULB volleyball. Aleks’s favorite activity this semester was “Algorithmic Art.”


Down below is a picture of me and my Art 110 professor. He thought my name card was great 🙂



Week 15: Artist Conversation 

This week’s artist conversation was very special. I got to interview Elia Murray, who was also my sorority sister. Elia was so energetic and fun to interview. She encouraged all of us to go out and make art, even if we aren’t art majors.

Elia wants to be a cartoon character illustrator when she graduates. She also enjoys writing poetry on her free time.

Week 14: Classmate Convo

 Today I met my classmate Joseph 🙂 He is a freshman and his major is undeclared. He went to Cypress High School and commutes to class at CSULB every day. He says that Art 110 is his favorite class this semester. He took it as an elective and was surprised how much he enjoyed it.

Joseph plays soccer and works at Poppa Johns. He told me the weirdest thing that has happened to him at work. He told me a story about when he stopped for gas and someone stole the pizza he was delivering. He didn’t realize it was stolen until he went to the house and showed up with no pizza.

Was great to meet him!

Week 14: Artist Coversation


Today I met artist Yireh Kwak. I’ve met er before in a previous exhibit this semester. There where other artists who had work in the Liminal exhibit but I did not get the chance to interview them because they didn’t arrive until later. It was great when she told us how all the CSULB artists help each other with their artwork.

Ms. Kwak told us how half of making an exhibit is how it is set up. She says each one of her paintings are like her babies, they take different times to perfect. She also told us that she paints every day, and if she is not painting, she is sketching for a new painting.

We then asked if her paintings where for sale and she said she wasn’t sure if she was going to sell her paintings. One day she said she was for sure. She says she has not idea how much she would sell them for, probably price them on how long she worked on them.

She was very nice and wanted to answer all of our questions thoroughly.

Week 13: Artist Convo

  I spent most of class time this week in the Werby Gallery. I met the artist, Martin Knop. He has a unique view on his artwork, He explained how his artwork had a huge connection to mathematics. I could imagine a lot of geometry to decide which shapes fit where to make the print look how he wants it to look.

The wall posted above was the most interesting. It took me a few minutes to realize that is was the same picture, just the shapes in the picture where all different colors. It was the first time I’ve seen something like this, it was very creative and captivating.

Week 13: Classmate Convo

Today I made a new friend, Veronica. I met her in “Recapturing the Moment” in the Duzi West Gallery. She is a second year student and is studying Child Development. She grew up in Norwalk where she commutes from every day. She chose to take Art 110 as an elective, like me. We walked through the gallery talking for about 20 minutes, she was very nice to talk to 🙂


Week 12: Extra Credit

My three favorite activities this semester where:

Week 2: Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)

Week 3: Social Photography (Instagram)

Week 8: Remix Culture

They where my favorite because:

Week 2: Allowed us to do something that was looked at as a bad thing and turn it into something beautiful and fun.

Week 3: Let us use something that most of us use every day as an assignment.

Week 8: Showed our personality and what each of us view “remix culture” as.


A. Tuesdays in UT-108

– Glenn was great during lecture. He was so interested in how his students felt on certain topics. It was great how he showed us videos on youtube related to our activity that week. It was my favorite lecture out of all my classes this semester.

B. Activities overall

– The activities where great. They pushed us out of our comfort zone. I enjoyed how some allowed us to do our activity outside, such as the graffiti and sculpture activities.

C. Artist Conversations

– I enjoyed talking to the artists after looking at their artwork. But, It seemed like there where a few issues with this. A few artists didn’t seem as friendly as I thought they would be. It didn’t look like they enjoyed having people ask them about their art, which I thought was odd.

D. Classmate Conversations

– In college, we don’t have enough time to interact with our classmates. This gave us the chance to do so. It made it fun to come to class, which isn’t very common.

E. Using Your Website

– I thought it was a great way to turn in our work. I never have had a blog before so it pushed me out of my element, but I love social media and it showed me another side of it.