Week 5 Activity: Kickstarter

Kickstarter “Food” Section:


It is a young woman selling packages of vegas food to be delivered at your door for $20. I thought it this a great idea! Having a mostly vegan diet myself, I love when people try to spread a good word about Veganism. In the box, there are treats as well as healthier food and drinks. Many people that are not vegan have this thought that all vegan food is bland and not tasty. By having these treats in their “Veggie Stash” package, they will realize how yummy vegan snacks can be! 🙂 I would defiantly donate to Veggie Stash.

Here is the link:


Before watched the video, the title of their product didn’t seem like it would be a tasty treat. If I was selling cookies, I would not name it a vegetable. When someone wants a cookie, the last thing they are thinking is wanting a vegetable. Also, the cookie itself did not look very appetizing, it was a ball shape and was green. I do think this is a great idea to make healthier cookies, but I do not think it would sell in the stores. If I wouldn’t buy a product when I see it in a super market, I wouldn’t donate.

Here is the link:

Kickstarter “Fashion” Section:


This product is awesome! This video caught my eye because I always look for clothes that are great for the gym and could also wear to class all day. The way the video was designed was a perfect way to advertise their product. They showed women at the office and at their activities out of the office wearing the same shirt and being comfortable in it. I would defiantly donate and buy this product if I saw it in stores.

Here is the link:


Before I even played the video, I thought this product looked creepy. I don’t believe many people would want to buy a shirt with painted on muscles on it, unless it was Halloween. Also, the man in the video didn’t sound excited about his own product. If he isn’t enthusiastic about his own product, he can’t expect people to donate.

Here is the link:


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