Week 6 Activity: Yarn Bombing

I visited the FO2 building today. All four years that I’ve been at CSULB I’ve never been in the Art buildings. I was surprised to find what was on the 2nd floor. The picture above was what was decorating the wall on the 2nd floor. It was about 5 yards long. The colors the artist used where so beautiful! Like I’ve said before in my blog, I like art with heaps of color, the more the better! I believe it was floral prints…

This was the art piece that I wanted to talk about most. I stood looking at this piece of work for about ten minutes, trying to figure out the message the artist was trying to give their viewers. After a lot of thought, this is what I came up with:

The glass reads “work in progress.” I believe this is a makeup stand of someone who is insecure and that always compares themselves to the beautiful models and movie stars that are posted on the wall behind the glass. There is a brush and some makeup and a mirror to show that this person is trying to achieve something that is impossible.

I thought this art piece was very powerful, especially for young people today. The media portrays beauty as the pictures here posted on the wall. So many people try to be like these movie stars and models when it is so unrealistic for them to do so…


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