Week 9: Conversations

This is my classmate Bueno! We drew our attendance cards together. He saw me drawing a soccer ball and he began to tell me that he has played soccer for 5 years. I used to play soccer as well so it was great to have something in common.

He is a freshman and is taking Art 110 for an elective. He was surprised when I told him I was graduating in May. He said I don’t look old enough LOL 🙂

We decided we liked Michael Rollins’ art work in Gatov West Gallery the most because it had huge colorful painting that took up the whole wall. They where beautiful! In Gatov East, we where staring at the comb on the wall with hair in it… It was kind of creepy but was different than anything we’ve seen so far in the galleries so we liked it as well 🙂

Bueno asked if he could sit with me in class on Tuesdays from now on. I said OF COURSE!!


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