Week 12: Artist Convo

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Sharpe at her BFA printmaking exhibition at the Merlino Gallery on campus. Most of her artwork was related to cats. It was eye catching when I walked in because of all the colors she use, it was great. Her exhibit was different from many others that I’ve seen at the galleries, that’s why it was my favorite this week. I thought it was inspiring that her artwork reflected what really made her happy. Sometimes I do things that aren’t exactly what I picture in my head because I’m unsure if people will understand.

When I saw her art, I knew she made exactly what she was thinking in her mind, not worrying about what others might think. This is why I enjoyed her exhibit so much.

We talked for a few minutes and she was laughing about how her high school teachers used to get upset with her because she would doodle on her work. It was interesting when she said she has never owned a cat, after looking at her art I thought for sure she has owned many.


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