Week 12: Activity

Step 1: Swing arms side to side below waist.

Step 2: Make waves with hands side to side.

Step 3: Point to each side while moving hips to opposite side.

Step 4: Rock body closer to camera.

Step 5: Sing favorite part of the songs.

Step 6: Move back while rocking hips.

Step 7: HAVE FUN!

I think it’s fun and a stress reliever to freestyle dance to your favorite songs. This is why I did steps for a dance for my activity. By using my steps I wanted to allow anyone to dance exactly the same.

I like the way my video turned out. But I realized this was more of a freestyle dance so anyone who copied the steps would not look exactly the way I did in my video. Everyone looks different when they’re dancing. That is the beauty of freestyle dance! But if they incorporated the steps with their own freestyle to the same song I used it might look similar.

Here is my dance:



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