Week 12: Extra Credit

My three favorite activities this semester where:

Week 2: Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)

Week 3: Social Photography (Instagram)

Week 8: Remix Culture

They where my favorite because:

Week 2: Allowed us to do something that was looked at as a bad thing and turn it into something beautiful and fun.

Week 3: Let us use something that most of us use every day as an assignment.

Week 8: Showed our personality and what each of us view “remix culture” as.


A. Tuesdays in UT-108

– Glenn was great during lecture. He was so interested in how his students felt on certain topics. It was great how he showed us videos on youtube related to our activity that week. It was my favorite lecture out of all my classes this semester.

B. Activities overall

– The activities where great. They pushed us out of our comfort zone. I enjoyed how some allowed us to do our activity outside, such as the graffiti and sculpture activities.

C. Artist Conversations

– I enjoyed talking to the artists after looking at their artwork. But, It seemed like there where a few issues with this. A few artists didn’t seem as friendly as I thought they would be. It didn’t look like they enjoyed having people ask them about their art, which I thought was odd.

D. Classmate Conversations

– In college, we don’t have enough time to interact with our classmates. This gave us the chance to do so. It made it fun to come to class, which isn’t very common.

E. Using Your Website

– I thought it was a great way to turn in our work. I never have had a blog before so it pushed me out of my element, but I love social media and it showed me another side of it.


One thought on “Week 12: Extra Credit

  1. Thanks for the feedback Leah!

    Artists are human beings of course, so they’ll all have different moods, opinions, etc.

    I think it went pretty well, but sure, more enthusiasm / engagement would have been even better.

    Being descended on by 100 of us can for sure be daunting. So even though they want visitors, it can freak some peeps out. Some just love us. Some never will. For some the quality, or lack thereof, of our writing might be an issue.

    If I can find any ways to make it better / smoother in the future, I’m definitely up for that!

    PS: I think you’re confusing “where” with “were”.

    TY Leah!


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